Our Beliefs

There is something about being an Episcopalian...
     -- poem by Ron Starbuck (click to watch the video, below)



If you are new to our church, Welcome!

You will discover Holy Spirit Episcopal Church to be a caring, socially conscious congregation. Our backgrounds are diverse and we are willing to make room for one another's truths and share one another's burdens. We thrive as a community whose traditions include attitudes that are Protestant and Catholic, ancient and reformed, liberal and conservative. Our spirituality unites us. Please make yourself at home in our church. Join with us as we follow the beautiful ritual of Anglican worship which binds us together as a community of God's people.

We pray together as a community.

Our prayers are informed, shaped by the scriptures, and follow the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. The liturgies and prayers found in this book follow closely the practices of the earliest Christians. The Book of Common Prayer has been used by Episcopalians for over four hundred years and contains the texts of public worship services, creed and prayers, as well as private devotions. It is the red book in each pew rack. The bulletin you receive at the door will guide you in the order of the service.

Our service is a celebration of the Lord's supper.

The Holy Eucharist is the central act of worship in the Episcopal Church. It is a celebration of Christ's life, death and resurrection. If you are a baptized Christian, you are welcome to share in this sacrament. If you have not been baptized, you are welcome to come forward for a blessing--simply cross your arms over your chest as you kneel at the altar rail. To partake, come forward with the others in your pew. When we kneel together at the altar, the bread and wine signifies Christ's body and blood given for us, and is meant to restore our unity with God and each other.

Please join in the singing!

A rich tradition of hymnody enhances our liturgy with a variety of service music and hymns. Again, please refer to the bulletin and to the hymn board in front of the church for today's music, found in the blue hymnal. As you become more familiar with our service, you'll see that as a general rule, we stand to sing, kneel to pray and sit to listen. Feel free to worship as you feel most comfortable.

If this description of our theology and our Parish is interesting, feel free to call the clergy and set up a time for a visit and WELCOME!

Book of Common Prayer