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Update from Standing Committee on the Search for the Next Bishop of the Diocese of Montana - Jan. 31, 2018

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 January 31, 2018 

The search for the next Bishop of the Diocese of Montana is now underway.  As per the Canons of the Episcopal Church, the Standing Committee (SC) of the diocese has oversight responsibility for the search process.  We are working with the Rev. Ann Hallisey as our direct consultant from the Episcopal Church as well as the Rt. Rev. Todd Ousley of the Presiding Bishop’s Office of Pastoral Care, both of whom guide dioceses involved in such search processes.  The SC has been doing initial work to get things underway and wants to inform you about it. 

Initially we thought that the search process could be completed with the election of a new bishop by Diocesan Convention in October, 2018.  After further analysis and the realization of how much needed to be done, a decision was made to extend the search timeframe with the Consecration of our 10th Bishop on December 7, 2019, when the Presiding Bishop can be here.  This will mean hiring a Bishop to serve part time as determined by the SC between the time Bishop Brookhart resigns Nov. 1 of 2018 and the election of our new Bishop.  The SC recognizes the need to manage the search process to enable broad participation by congregations while keeping the financial, pastoral, and administrative resources of the diocese in mind. 

The SC directed the deaneries to elect representatives to serve as the Nominating Committee.  Over the next several months, this committee will be gathering information through qualitative research:  in February and March we will conduct a diocese-wide survey; then we will conduct a series of listening sessions throughout the Diocese from April to June.  Everyone is invited to participate in the survey, and in the listening sessions.  Soon the SC will establish a Transition Committee to celebrate Bishop Brookhart’s time among us these past many years, arrange “meet and greets” of potential candidates across the diocese, assist with the transition of our new Bishop into our midst, and plan the Consecration. 

We recognize the need for regular communications across the diocese to help everyone stay informed and able to plan accordingly.  To that end, the SC will begin to have regular updates posted as we go along.  If you have questions about the search process, please direct them to the SC through the Rev. Donna Gleaves (SC President) at and she or another member of the Standing Committee will respond to you.  Thank you!