Community Ministries

Hellgate High School and Parenting Place 

Thank you for your interest in our community ministry outreach with Hellgate High School and the Parenting Place!

We ask that all our Community Ministry volunteers complete the Safeguarding God’s Children online education and a background check with the Diocese.  Please contact Jill Sallin at to ready yourself to serve! 

At Hellgate this year, we have learned that already 30 students have identified as homeless (McKinney Vento Act).  A growing number of students are living with people other than their parents or guardians, and greater numbers of large families are living in crowded accomodations. More than one in four students are at an economic disadvantage. 30-35% of Hellgate students qualify for free and reduced meals.  A growing number of refugee students are a part of the Hellgate school community.

Opportunities to be involved with Hellgate High School and their Family Resource Center (FRC):

  • Be one of the bi-monthly shoppers for toiletry needs and snacks for the FRC
  • Be one of the monthly FRC aides to help Tracy with FRC needs
  • Participate in M.A.D. Mondays (Make A Difference Mondays) to supplement Hellgate's food pantry for students in need. Drop off a non-perishable, student-friendly item on Mondays at the front office.
  • Be a tutor or program participant in Hellgate's Flagship program - contact Arza Hammond at 728-2400 ext. 6071 or
  • Contribute to the church to support the laundry ministry at Sparkle and/or the haircut ministry
  • Supply snacks for special Hellgate student testing days in the Parish Hall
  • Follow up on actions suggested at Hellgate Sunday on October 20, 2019
  • Contact HSP ministry coordinator, A’Lisa Scott, with your questions and ideas by calling the church office at 542-2167


Opportunities to be involved with The Parenting Place, 1644 S 8th St W:

  • Volunteer for a quarterly PP work party, next scheduled early in 2020
  • Be one of the weekly transporters of Bed, Bath & Beyond donations that benefit PP families - a pickup or larger vehicle is needed for this ministry
  • Be one of the monthly Respite Care toy cleaners
  • Gather your friends and volunteer for one of the monthly PP/Annex general cleaning days
  • Be a grocery shopper for Respite Care meals
  • Sign up for a 15-week Parenting Class - email Ivy Anderson at for the class schedule
  • Donate to and shop at Donation Warehouse, where a portion of every sale benefits PP programs
  • Volunteer for the April Awareness team to help promote strong families and healthy childhoods
  • Contact me with your questions and ideas by email or through the church office


Thank you for considering becoming a member of our community ministries team!

The Venerable Dorcie Dvarishkis

Church office phone: 406-542-2167