Housing in Missoula

A roof over one’s head is a pretty basic necessity, isn’t it?

But for a growing number of Missoulians, that roof is in peril. The average cost of a home is $305,000, up more than 40 percent in a decade. Not only are more people priced out of home ownership, but the share of Missoulians who rent, already at 50 percent, will continue to grow. Nearly half of these renters are spending more than 30 percent of their take-home pay on housing—the current standard for affordable housing. Unaffordable rents lead to too little of everything else because, as sociologist Matt Desmond put it, “The rent eats first.” When people have a safe and affordable place to live, many other problems (such as unemployment, ill health, and lack of food) are lessened. Our parish's current advocacy effort focuses on affordable housing for low-income renters in Missoula, where there is a great need to reform the system and make housing more accessible.

- Clem Work

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