Online Directory

Families grow and move, while others downsize into retirement communities. People get new mobile devices or internet providers and change their email addresses, and more and more, people are dropping their landlines and solely using their cell phones. All this makes maintaining a printed directory difficult.

Fortunately, members have access to a password-protected, members-only portal called Realm. (Realm is the software the church uses for member and financial data management.) The Realm Online Directory connects members to the same information -- anytime -- that the church office has.

Here is the link to the Online Church Directory. It will carry you straight to the Realm website. You will need the password that you created when you signed up with the directory. Forgot your password? Click here for information about how to recover your password. Once you have your password, you can go to the Online Church Directory and get the information of registered Online Directory church members. Here is the link: 

Log in to the online church directory