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Stewardship Sunday is November 5



Making a pledge

As you consider your pledge, ask yourself:

  • How do my pledges reflect gratitude for abundance that I experience at Holy Spirit Episcopal Church and in my daily life?
  • How do my pledges to Holy Spirit Episcopal Church reflect the relationship I would hope to have with money?
  • Of all the gifts I have received--my income and the wealth God has granted me--what proportion will I give to support God's Kingdom here at Holy Spirit Episcopal Church?
  • How will fulfilling these pledges be a part of my spiritual practice?
  • Does my decision about pledging make me joyful?



Frequently asked questions about pledging

Why pledge?

Pledging now helps the parish leadership and staff plan for the upcoming year. Making a pledge is part of a larger spiritual practice of giving your time, talent and financial resources. Pledging is saying that you are a part of this faith community.

Do I have to pay my pledge all at once?

No. Many people fulfill their pledge weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Some use offering envelopes or set up a regular payment schedule by Electronic Funds Transfer or credit card.

How can I include Holy Spirit Episcopal Church in my will or estate plan?

Read more about planned giving or legacy giving.

What if I need to change my pledge amount?

That’s not a problem! Just call or email the church office at any time. We know that people’s financial situations change over time, both up and down, and we will keep all conversations confidential.

I’ve filled out my pledge card. Now what do I do?

You have a choice!

  • You can print a pledge card here. Place your completed pledge card into the offering plate.
  • Give the form to a member of the Stewardship Ministry team or to one of the clergy.
  • Mail it to the church office at 130 South 6th Street East, Missoula, MT 59801.
  • Or use the online annual pledge form.

Pledge now!

  • Pledge online here. Be sure to click the submit button when you are done--and look in your email for a reply confirming that your form has been received.
  • Print out a pledge card and mail it to the church office: Holy Spirit Episcopal Church, 130 South 6th Street East, Missoula, MT 59801.

Support Holy Spirit by making a pledge.

Holy Spirit Episcopal Church Pledge Card



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Please tell us more about your pledge*

This pledge may be changed or cancelled upon notice to the treasurer or the church office. To complete your pledge entry, you must click on the submit button below. If you do not see our "Thank you!" message, please scroll down the page to check for any needed corrections.

Planned Giving/Estate