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Liturgy Feedback for Season of Creation

Please share your reflections about the new liturgies we are trying out for the Season of Creation. Your feedback will help shape liturgies that are shared with the rest of the diocese, and ultimately it will influence what we share with the Liturgy Committee of General Convention.

Respond any time during the Season of Creation (September 3 - October 1). It might be helpful to take a look at the service leaflet (on our Worship page). We'll be using different prayers, a different "Gloria," a different confession, different Prayers of the People, different words at the fraction anthem (when the wafer is broken), and a different Post-Communion Prayer. 

You can answer the questions in the form below. When you are done, click "Submit." You should see our "Thank you" page to confirm that your submission has been received. 

Liturgy Feedback for Season of Creation