MIC Newsletter, May 2017

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Reflections and Gratitude

Haley has two boys 10 and 9. Since getting a job at a local hotel through Missoula Works, she has shown to be an incredibly hard worker, the kind anyone wants on their team. Yet, just getting her foot in the door for a decent job seemed like it was never going to happen. "I just needed a chance!" Haley said. "Someone that could look at my past struggles, but not have them define my potential." Haley got that chance through Missoula Works, an innovative staffing agency that places any committed individual! Since February Missoula Works has placed five people! And... Missoula Works started a general labor crew! Here they are! Gary, Richard and Cheri. If you have lawn or building or any spring project you want off your list, call them!

As we enter this season of spring I am encouraged by the growth and excitement around MIC. Thank you for coming on this journey with us. 




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  • Reflections and Gratitude
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