The Way of Love

Life Transformed: The Way of Love

An Introduction to the Way of Love

Before the sessions:

  • Watch Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon on the Way of Love. Click here to view.
  • Read this Way of Love Introduction. Click here to read.
  • Read the Easter Vigil service in the Book of Common Prayer, p. 285-295.

Bring with you to each session:

  • Candle – Set your space apart by lighting a candle before each session.
  • Bible (We will predominantly use the NRSV.)
  • Paper and pen/pencil or a journal
  • Book of Common Prayer (Copies available for loan or purchase at the church.)


6:30 -- 6:35          Gathering & Prayer (as large group)       
6:35 – 6:40           Norms (as large group)
6:40 – 7:00           Small Group Check-In: Way of Love Practice for the Week
7:00 – 7:10           Intro Scripture & Teaching
7:10 –7:40            Small Group Discussion
7:40 –7:45            Practicing at Home (as large group)
7:45 – 7:50           Check-Out (as large group)
7:50 – 8:00           Closing Worship (as large group)


Session 1 / TURN  

Session 1 Details

Prayers and Closing Liturgy

Session 2 / PRAY 

Session 2 Details

Spiritual Preferences

Session 3 / LEARN 

Session 3 Details

Lectio Divina

African Bible Study

Session 4 / BLESS 

Session 4 Details

Session 5 / REST 

Session 5 Details

Session 6 / WORSHIP 

Session 6 Details

Session 7 / GO 

Session 7 Details

Rule of Life Template


The Way of Love for Kids

We often want to set aside some time to get closer to God. Some grownups are taking a class called, The Way of Love. In this class they learn 7 practices for getting closer to Jesus. But these practices aren’t just for adults. You’ll find here some short videos (about 5 minutes each) made just for kids. The first video, Introducing the Way of Love for Kids gives an overview of 7 practices of the Way of Love. 

Way of Love:  Practice #1—Turn

In this short video kids learn about what it means to turn to God. They are encouraged to look for and practice both big ways and small ways of turning to a Jesus centered life.

Way of Love:  Practice #2 - Pray

How do we get closer to Jesus? Pray! This short video describes in a kid-friendly way the seven styles of prayer from the Book of Common Prayer.


Way of Love:  Practice #3 - Learn

Learning is part of getting closer to God. How do kids do this? Watch this short video.

Way of Love:  Practice #4 - Bless

God blesses us. We are a blessing to others. And through this we get closer to God! Check out this video made just for kids.

Way of Love:  Practice #5 - Rest

Resting, finding a quiet place to still our hearts and minds, is a way we can get closer to Jesus in Lent. Watch this short video (8 minutes) and try it.

Way of Love:  Practice #6 - Worship

We do worship, or offer worship to God, but in worship we also receive things from God. Worship is a natural way to get closer to God during this seasonof Lent. 

Way of Love:  Practice #7 - Go 

Go, the final Way of Love practice for Kids. Watch this video with your kids and practice all seven ways to get closer to God and share God's love with others.


Other Resources

Living the Way of Love
Perhaps the seven sessions of Life Transformed aren’t practical for you. Consider purchasing this devotional book as a way to dive deeper into the Way of Love on your own. Living the Way of Love offers forty brief reflections about the seven Jesus-centered practices identified by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry in “The Way of Love” initiative. Sullivan tells stories from her own and others’ experiences as a starting point for discussion about how to seek and find a deeper connection to God. Each reflection ends with questions designed to spur further discussion and assist readers in making the practices their own.

This 40-day devotional book, Living the Way of Love, by Mary Bea Sullivan is available at the church office for $13. Please write your check to Holy Spirit Church and contact the church about pick up.