Summer Reading List 2014

For adults and kids of all ages -- suggestions from our church family

Take a peek at the great books your church family has been reading--choose one and settle into a summer afternoon in the lawn chair. Or pack a book along on a picnic or hike; take a break in the midst of a bike ride, snuggle up to a tree and READ. We have a parish of readers! I asked . . . and you gave suggestions. You'll find in the list titles for children of different ages as well as books for young adults, adult non-fiction and adult fiction. You'll also see who suggested the book. Don't miss the suggested reads from Bishop Brookhart. Thank you to everyone who submitted book suggestions. In the end I wasn't able to include every single book due to space limitations. I guess I already have a start for next summer's list. Enjoy.

To see the list, click on the word "Read" under the picture, above right.

--Gretchen Strohmaier