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A Note from the Rector - April 14, 2022

A Note from the Rector, April 14, 2022

Dear Friends,

Over the past 2 years, we have learned to make quick adjustments to changing situations with our Covid pandemic protocols and it is again time to revise them once more.  What you will see here will supersede anything else printed with regard to mask wearing at Holy Spirit until such time as additional changes are needed.

Over the past week I have visited with diocesan colleagues with similar size congregations, listened to various parishioner, staff, diocesan and wider world perspectives, along with reviewing the science and recommendations of our local county.  Last night I discussed all of this with the vestry, and we agreed to the following:

The wearing of masks will always be supported if an individual chooses to wear one, whatever the reason, but the decision for now will be entirely with the individual until further notice.  This includes singing in worship.  You decide when and where to wear a mask or not in our church buildings until such time as masks may be needed again due to spikes in Covid cases.  The vestry and I are asking the choir to decide whether they will wear masks while singing or not.  Please remember that these changes could change on short notice.

All other protocols will remain as they are now for such things as the distribution of communion, for example.  We will begin adding fellowship gatherings of various kinds sometime after Easter and look to that time with great anticipation.

I look forward to seeing you during these special days of Holy Week and invite you to come and join us for as many services as you are able: in person, online, with or without a mask as you so choose.  Consider this your invitation!

With you on the way,